Sunday, May 15, 2016

More Incredible Hail Battered The Midwest Last Week.

A snow plow clears massive amounts of hail out
of an Omaha, Nebraska parking lot last week. 
Very much like the past two springs, this year seems to be a very bad season for hailstorms in the United States, even as the tornado count remains below average.

Destructive hailstorms this time hit especially hard around Omaha, Nebraska and the St. Louis, Missouri suburbs.

These storms came after a series of hailstorms caused nearly $2 billion in damage earlier this spring in Texas.

The Omaha World-Herald reported that hail piled up 18 to 24 inches deep after the hail washed down slopes, clogged storm sewers. Leaves brought down from trees by the hail contributed to the clogged drains.

Front end loaders and snow plows cleared streets of the heavy hail, leaving it in big piles that resembled the aftermath of a large blizzard.

At least one motorist had to be towed out after becoming stuck in the deep hail. Others waited for people to bring snow shovels to dig their cars out.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch reported hail Wednesday was as big as grapefruit and softballs in some areas, particularly around Cottleville,, Weldon Spring and  St. Charles, Missouri.

The paper said large hail smashed out car windows and dented vehicles at a Mercedes Benz dealership in O'Fallon, Missouri. There was at least $100,000 in damage at the dealership alone.

One small tornado touched down outside of St. Louis during the storms. Large trees fell in Ferguson, Missouri, blocking streets.

Here's a news clip of the hail piles in Omaha:

Here's some damaging hail pinging down on a St. Louis suburb. Bet the cars in the video didn't fare well:

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