Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Oklahoma Slammed By Tornadoes. More Dangerous Weather Coming

A nasty tornado sweeps through Wynnewood,
Oklahoma on Monday.  
This time of year is typically the worst and most dangerous in terms of tornadoes in the United States.

Monday proved that point.

Two people died and multiple houses were destroyed as several tornadoes swept Oklahoma and surrounding states.

Some of the tornadoes appeared to be the strongest so far this year, with estimated EF4 intensity. There were a few reports of tornadoes reaching a mile wide.

As awful as these tornadoes were, at least the ones that reached maximum strength and width didn't do so while going through heavily populated neighborhoods or cities.

NOAA's Storm Prediction Center received 23 reports of tornadoes in the Plains Monday, though some of those could be duplicate reports.

Some of the supercell thunderstorms producing tornadoes had amazing structures as their twisting towers reached high in the sky. They are known as low precipitation, or LP supercells, and offer amazing views of the physics involved in these spinning storms.
The twisting motion of an Oklahoma supercell
Monday is apparent in this shot from a News9 helicopter.  

A photo from an Oklahoma television station of one of these is next to this paragraph.

Click on the image to make it bigger and easier to see.

Today might not be as violent in the U.S. in terms of tornadoes as yesterday, but severe storms and a few tornadoes are likely, espeically in parts of the Ohio Valley, central Texas and maybe in the eastern Dakotas, much of Nebraska and northern Kansas.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, severe storms and a few tornadoes seem likely in much of the same area hit Monday. This would be a band from northern Texas through Oklahoma and Missouri and into southern Iowa and western Illinois.

The following video is a good summary of the tornadoes from the NBC Nightly News Tuesda as the outbreak was just unfolding:

Here's an Associated Press video, via television stations KWTV/KOTV of a large tornado in Elmore City, Oklahoma:

Doug Drace caught this large, violent tornado throwing lots of debris into the air near Katie, Oklahoma:

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