Monday, May 9, 2016

Our Vermont Spring Interrupted Again

Trees around my house in St. Albans, Vermont
were finally showing some green last evening. But
it was chilly as heck when I took the photo, and
those dark clouds overhead would later
yield some snow flurries.  
A spate of nice spring weather late last week and on Saturday prompted the trees to finally start turning green around my St. Albans, Vermont home.

This being Vermont, of course, we had a very sharp cold front Sunday, with strong, chilly winds.

I awoke this morning to a thin scrim of snow on my truck, reports of snow flurries down in Burlington and a frost advisory.

The National Weather Service South Burlington, Vermont office's forecast discussion said it best:

"Spring in the North Country, love it or hate it, it definitely keeps you on your toes weatherwise."

This spring in particular, with its frequent snowy and frosty setbacks.

The bits of snow in Vermont early this morning were not even close to the heaviest for May or the latest on record, but still kind of disheartening.

There might even be a little more snow up in the mountains today as some cold weather instability showers develop. Widely scattered raindrops will hit the valleys, but a little more white could come to the peaks.

Everywhere will be cold today, with highs a few degrees either side of 50. It should be in the mid-60s this time of year.

If you have sensitive plants outside that somehow survived last night, bring 'em in. It's going to be frosty all over northern New England and northern New York tonight.

There's a frost advisory for tonight and early tomorrow morning in the Champlain Valley of New York and Vermont. The only reason why the rest of Vermont isn't under a frost or freeze warning is the growing season technically hasn't started there, so the National Weather Service doesn't issue such advisories outside the time of year when most crops are off and running.

Much of southern New England is also under a frost advisory overnight. 

It'll be better Tuesday with sun boosting temperatures to near 60 degrees. A somewhat chilly night Tuesday night will be followed by sun and warming temperatures mid-week.'

However, it looks chilly and damp again for next weekend. The spring see-saw continues.

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