Saturday, May 28, 2016

Possible Tropical Storm Bonnie Steals Media Spotlight From Much Worse Texas Flood

KHOU's Tiffany Craig reports
Darren Mitchell took this
photo of water covering
the windows of his
submerged car with
him inside. At last report,
tragically, he's still missing.
He posted the photo on Facebook
just before the car was swept away.
I notice today the media attention is all on a tropical depression northeast of the Bahamas.

It might turn into Tropical Storm Bonnie today and will probably cause a little gusty wet weather in South Carolina coast this weekend.

A tropical storm in May! How novel! Especially since the Atlantic hurricane season doesn't officially start until June 1.

While wannabe Bonnie should be taken seriously, given its potential for some gusty winds and potentially flooding rains in South Carolina, I'm guessing this won't be as big a deal as say, the thunderstorms that have been going on in Texas since Thursday.

Some areas northwest of Houston have gotten up to 17 inches of rain and it was still pouring in many areas around there late Friday afternoon.

As you can imagine they're having an epic flood, one of a series of record and near record floods that have hit that part of the country over the past year or two.

I'm totally willing to bet that the effects and destruction from the Texas storms are turning out to be much worse than what will happen with wannabe Bonnie.

Oh sure, there's media attention on the unfolding disaster in Texas, but tropical storms and hurricanes get the bulk of news coverage, because, well, they're tropical storms and hurricanes.

Texas, quite frankly, as bad, though. The Weather Channel reports two people dead and three missing fron the flooding.

They had to rescue people from roofs of homes near Austin, and many roads were closed by the flahs flooding. In Bryan, Texas, a tornado added to the chaos. The twister damaged about 150 homes.

This is yet another in a series of weather disasters for Texas.

And it ain't over. More flooding and bouts of severe weather are due in the Lone Star State occasionally over the next week.

Texas is in for a lot more weather trouble than anything a little tropical depression could do.

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