Monday, November 2, 2015

Watch Two Gorgeous/Nasty Storms In The Pacific Do The "Bombogenesis"

Bombogenesis in the Pacific 
It's called bombogenesis.

Two storms in the Pacific Ocean blossomed last week into huge monsters. From space, bombogenesis is beautiful, as you'll see in the video below.

We should explain the terminology.  We start with the word "cyclogenesis." That word refers to  the formation and strengthening of any storm system.  When a storm strengthens, the air pressure at its center gets lower.

Some storms develop extremely fast - explosively as some people put it. You know, blowing up big like bombs.

Which leads us to bombogenesis. There is actually a specific meteorological definition of this. For a storm to qualify as a bomb, undergoing bombogenesis, the central air pressue must fall by 24 millibars or more within 24 hours.

Storms that bomb out are of course dangerous, as they are strong and cause rapidly changing conditions where they strike.

Still, they're fun to watch when the happen. Last week, as I noted, two storms underwent bombogenesis in tandem in the northern Pacific. And a typhoon morphed into a pretty strong regular storm to the big storms' south, too.

Here's the video:

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