Sunday, November 29, 2015

No Rest For The Winter Weary In The Plains States

Icy conditions over the weekend caused this
multi-vehicle crash involving a truck, several cars
and a building on Interstate 40 near Soncy, Texas
says the Amarillo Police Department 
In the past couple of weeks there's been two nasty rounds of winter storms in the middle of the country, especially in the central Plains and, yep, here comes a third one.

Icing is still a problem in parts of Oklahoma and Kansas this morning. In fact, parts of eastern Kansas, ice storm warnings are still up.

Precipitation there hasn't been as heavy as in hard-hit Oklahoma, but the ice has been slowly building up on trees and power lines all weekend.

It's gotten to the point around Manhattan, Kansas and environs that the tree branches and wires are now snapping.

This long icy storm that began the day before Thanksgiving has been responsible for at least 11 deaths in the region, according to the Weather Channel.

A new storm coming out of the Rockies is about to spell more trouble for the region. A wide area of winter storm watches is up for places like South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota for Monday into Tuesdsy -- all places that have been getting hammered by early winter so far this month.

This storm will be more snow that ice, and a widespread six to 12 inches of snow is expected in this region. With, of course, locally higher amounts.

As has been the case with so many storms this month, this one will head northeastward across the Great Lakes Wednesday, putting the East Coast into the warm side of the storm.

Some rain will fall there midweek, but very little if any snow will come down in the ski resorts of New England, so winter enthusiasts there will just have to keep waiting.

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