Monday, November 9, 2015

Late Kate: Tropical Storm Forms In the Bahamas

Tropical storm Kate now gaining some steam
in the Bahamas. Expected to miss the United States. 
Tropical Storm Kate has formed in the Bahamas, but it looks like it will miss the United States.

The National Hurricane Center says Kate is in the Bahamas, with sustained winds of 40 mph, and it's moving to the west-northwest.

At first glance, that would put its path toward the southeastern United States, but rellaaaxxxx! Don't worry! 

All indications are a separate trough of low pressure along the East Coast, plus maybe that big storm I told you about earlier today that's expected to produce a severe storm outbreak in the Midwest will help push Kate north, then northeast, then east, pretty sharply, away from the United States.

So, basically, a severe thunderstorm and potential tornado outbreak might help save us from experiencing a tropical storm. Hurray, I guess.

The National Hurricane Center says Kate is never going to be a powerhouse like Joaquin in the Bahamas earlier this year. Joaquin blasted parts of the Bahamas with sustained winds of up to 150 mph or so.

Current forecasts have Kate getting up to 50 mph or so, maybe a little stronger.

Hurricanes and tropical storms do occasionally form in the Atlantic basin during November, though we are well past the peak of hurricane season. We've had a November tropical storm in the Atlantic once every two years since 2009.

Unlike Kate, sometimes November tropical storms or hurricanes do make landfall in the United States, too. Just not this time.


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