Monday, November 23, 2015

More Wild Sky Color In Normally Bleak November

Once again, the sky lit up Sunday evening in parts of Vermont during sunset at a time of year that is normally singularly bleak in the Green Mountain State.

A little over a week ago, I shared some photos I took of late afternoon color near Alburgh, Vermont.

Last evening, a much chillier one than that afternoon in Alburgh, yielded a sky over as pretty as the earlier one.

Once again, I was armed with my camera as the sun set over St. Albans, Vermont.

The spectacular skies are welcome as this time of year is normally very gray, very quiet, with a featureless sky and a boring, subdued pre-winter landscape.

This time on Sunday evening, , a cold front had come through earlier in the morning Dry, cold air was trying to flood in from the west, and the setting sun scattered red hues, as it often does when the air lacks moisture.

Meanwhile, that cold front had stalled just off the New England coast, and sent a wave of high level overcast directly overhead, and to our east. The sky to the west remained largely clear.

That wave of low pressure ultimately caused the first snowfall of the season in Downeast Maine, but here in Vermont, it remained dry.

And beautiful, as you can see from the photos I took from St. Albans hill.

Click on each image to make them bigger and easier to see. Scroll down to see all four.

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