Saturday, November 14, 2015

Another Big Storm For The United States Next Week

The National Weather Service is depicting a strong storm
in the middle of the country  next week. 
Hot on the heels of a strong storm that spun up tornadoes in Iowa, a near blizzard in western Kansas and high winds on the Great Lakes, another possibly stronger storm is set to disrupt things once again, especially in the middle of the country.

As I've noted before, strong storm systems are fairly common in November, and this month is living up to that reputation.

As usual in these kinds of storms, we'll get a variety of extremes, including, but not limited to, a blizzard, severe weather, possible tornadoes, flooding and high winds.

Some of the ingredients for this storm have already come ashore in the Pacific Northwest, leading to flooding there.

That storminess will contribute to the development of a strong low pressure system that will take shape in the southern Plains Monday and Tuesday and then head off toward the Great Lakes, kind of like the last storm did.

The two storms are not carbon copies, so not everyone will get exactly the same type of weather they got in the last storm. But there will be similarities.

This far out, there's always some uncertainty as to where the focus of various types of weather will be, but it looks like the heaviest snow, and possible blizzard conditions in a couple spots, will get going in the central Rockies.

The ski season there is off to a rip roaring start, for sure.

The snow will then spread out into Kansas (again!) Nebraska and the western Dakotas.

The snow might extend further south than last time, possible reaching the panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas.

It's almost always warm and humid and wet with an unstable atmosphere east of this type of storm, and next week's tempest is no exception.

That raises the possibility of more severe weather.

Again, nobody is quite sure yet how extensive the severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes will be, and exactly where they'll set up shop.

At this point, the target area looks to be Texas and Oklahoma on Monday and Tuesday, spreading into the western Gulf states later Tuesday and Wednesday.

Flooding could be a problem in spots in and near the lower Mississippi Valley with this one, too.

I expect, just as in the last storm wind advisories and high wind warnings will extend across a huge area in the middle of the country as the storm makes its move northeastward toward the Great Lakes.

For those of you on the East Coast, another bonus with this one: The storm moving by to your west will push another wave of warm air into the region, continuing what has been a remarkably warm November so far.

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