Saturday, November 7, 2015

Even Weak Tornadoes Can Be Dramatic

Roof flies off a Fort Worth, Texas bank during
a small tornado Friday. Image o the left is the roof
in the parking lot later. Images from WeatherNation.
Strong tornadoes are usually the ones that grab all the headlines as the maurade through towns and cities, blowing apart everything that comes in their path.

The fact is most tornadoes are relatively weak. According to the National Climatic Data Center, usually about 30 or 40 tornadoes annually in the United States are EF3 or stronger on the Enhanced Fujita scale. That's out of roughly 1,000 reported each year.

EF3s have winds of 136 mph or greater.

So, we don't really get all that many super big tornadoes. Most are small. But those little ones can certainly cause drama. One such tornado, and EF0 that hit Fort Worth, Texas Friday, took the roof off a bank building.

It had winds of 80 to 85 mph, and being weak and small, it's hard to see at first in the video, below. Then the roof goes and the people filming start swearing like crazy (so NSFW)

No injuries were reported with this brief tornado, though, which is good:

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