Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Amazing Fire Whirl Spins Over Missouri Field

This photo, which popped up on the Weather Channel and appears to be legit and not a photoshop scam, shows an amazing firewhirl in Chillicothe, Missouri last weekend. 

A farmer was burning his field and a gust of wind got the whirl going.

According to the Jon Erdman of the Weather Channel, via the Washington Post:

"Firewhirls turn and burn. They are rapidly spinning vortices that form when air superheated by an intense wildfire rises rapidly, consolidating low-level spin from winds converging into the fire like a spinning ice skater, pulling its arms inward."

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma and surrounding states, the fire danger remains very high today.

Wildfires killed a person in Oklahoma Sunday, and new fires Monday forced evacuations near the town of Woodward, Oklahoma.

Rain might finally hit parts of the region later today and Thursday, but almost all of the rain will fall east of the sections of the High Plains where extreme drought and the wildfires have settled in.

Plus, any rain that does fall in and near Oklahoma will likely come in the form of severe thunderstorms over the next couple days, which could produce huge hail, near hurricane force wind gusts and a few tornadoes.

Meanwhile, more to the north, a winter storm warning is up today for the Black Hills of South Dakota, which are due for five to eight inches of snow.

And the nations wild weather train rolls on.

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