Thursday, May 8, 2014

More Severe Weather In The Plains Yesterday, Today

Severe thunderstorms, dramatic supercells and a few tornadoes hit the High Plains yesterday, as they often do this time of year.
From @TornadoTitans via Twitter, a supercell
thunderstorm in Oklahoma Wednesday.   

The damaging storms were widespread Wednesday, dropping large hail in Minnesota, as far north as to near the Duluth area. The severe storms spread southwest into eastern Colorado and down into Oklahoma and Texas.

The Plains are under the gun again today, with the biggest threat in central Iowa and southern Minnesota where large hail is likely and a few tornadoes are possible.

Again, tis the season, and we can hope the severest storms miss populated areas.

From Wednesday, here's a video from Jony Hallen of a tornado near Akron, Colorado:

And here's a great time lapse of a (usually) rotating supercell thunderstorm in Texas Wednesday evening from BasehuntersChasing:

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