Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Incredible California Wildfires Bode Ill For Rest Of The Year

The wildfires in California, especially those near San Diego this week, have been, well, wild.
From @10news on Twitter, fire whirlwinds Wednesday
around San Diego.  

The wildfire season out West is usually in the late summer and early fall, and already the fires are huge, burning at least 30 houses. 

Firefighters are scrambling all over southern California as more and more fires break out amid record heat and strong winds.

The winds and heat are expected to subside toward the weekend, but today's huge fires are only an opening salvo.

From @Sappy_San_Diego on Twitter, a wildfire Wednesday
near San Diego. 
Last fall's fire season never really ended. The blazes continued through the winter, and now they're picking up in intensity as the heat of summer approaches and what little rain was falling has totally dried up.

California, I'm afraid, is going to keep burning for at least the next five months as the incredible drought there continues.

Here's a video of one of the San Diego fires causing a "firenado"


And another view of the fires threatening homes in Carlsbad, CA

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  1. and this winter, when the massive El Nino that is forming sends immense storms their way, all of the burned areas are going to have horrific mudslides. At least it will probably help with the drought.