Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hope You Didn't Fly Into Denver Today: Tornado And End Of The World Style Hail, Clouds

As you might have seen on the news, today was a chaotic day at Denver International Airport, and much of the rest of Denver  to say the least.
Hail accumulation Wednesday on Tower Road near
Denver International Airport. Photo by
Steve Nehf, Denver post.  

The busy airport and surrounding neighborhoods and towns got hit by a supercell thunderstorms that appeared ready to drop a tornado right on the runways or even terminal.  

At least five tornadoes did eventually touch down in the Denver areas, but reports so far indicate the twisters didn't cause much damage.

The real story with this supercell was the epic hail that hit parts of the metro area. There was so much cars got stuck in it, as if a blizzard had hit the area.

Possible rain wrapped tornado near
the Denver airport Wednesday.  
The tornadoes and huge hail storms continued on the high plains of Colorado and southern Wyoming into this evening.
Denver Police took this photo of
a hail buried street. 

Huge hail, severe thunderstorms, flooding and a tornado or two on Wednesday were also hitting parts of Ohio Valley and Midwest. It's pretty stormy across the nation today.

Of course, some videos quickly emerged from the storm and made it to YouTube.

Here's a television reporter driving through the hail.

Here's the storm hitting a northeast Denver neighborhood

On some streets, hail accumulated so deeply, motorists got stranded. Here's a U.S. border patrol officer shoveling and helping a driver

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