Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Weather: Nice Where I Am; Extreme Elsewhere

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!
From @Basehunters via Twitter, an amazing looking
rotating supercell thunderstorm Saturday evening
near Hunter, Kansas. More severe weather is
expected today. Add caption

Up in my neck of the woods in Vermont, moms are going to be treated by probably the nicest day so far this year. Temperatures under quite a bit of sunshine will get up into the 70s.

It's probably a good idea to take mom to an al fresco lunch somewhere in New England. She'll enjoy the fresh air. Enjoy!

Not so in much of the rest of the country. Moms -and everyone else - will have to watch out for sometimes dangerous weather as our nation's bursts of extreme weather seem to be continuing.

The biggest danger spot is in Iowa, and in parts of eastern Nebraska and Kansas. There's a risk of strong long lived tornadoes today in that part of the nation, which of course are always dangerous.

There were several tornadoes Saturday, including one that caused a lot of damage in Orrick, Missouri. Luckily, in Orrick, population 800, there was a warning well ahead of the tornado, giving people time to take shelter. No injuries were reported. 

Just because Orrick had a warning, and people could see the tornado coming from a far distance, doesn't mean that will happen today. If a tornado drops suddenly, or is wrapped in rain so you can't see it, people won't see today's tornadoes coming until it's too late.

Let's hope they pay attention to warnings.   Normally, I don't suggest shoving mom into a basement for Mother's Day, but if you get a tornado warning, definitely do that. It'll be the best Mothers Day gift you can possibly give.

Even in places around Iowa that don't get tornadoes, huge hail and strong damaging winds are definitely worth worrying about today.

More to the west, winter is making a triumphant (??) return to Colorado. The Denver metro area is in for several inches of Mother's Day snow today, with a foot of snow expected in some of the higher elevations just outside Denver.

A Mother's Day snowball fight maybe?

Down in the Southwest, strong winds and the risk of wildfires is the worry. It's wicked dry in southern California, Arizona and New Mexico. Winds to 60 mph in that area won't help as the wildfire season gets off to an early start.

In southern California, record heat and strong Santa Ana winds are expected through midweek. You'll probably hear about some wildfires out there over the next few days, unfortunately.

Last night, I posted a video of that tornado hitting Orrick, Missouri.

Here's another view of that storm:

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