Friday, May 30, 2014

Severe Storms, Tornadoes Not Where They Belong This Year

Here's an odd factoid I came across yesterday: The National Weather Service office in South Burlington, Vermont has issued three tornado warning for the area so far this year.
This home in New York State, northwest of Albany
was destroyed in a tornado earlier this month.  

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service office in Topeka, Kansas has issued exactly zero tornado warnings so far in 2014.

True, no tornadoes actually touched down in Vermont, but there were storms with the potential for that.

But in Topeka, springtime tornado warnings are almost as common as winter weather alerts in New England in January. Not this year.

Go figure.

So far across the nation, there's been a preliminary count of 415 tornadoes. Usually by now there's been more than 700, so we're mercifully below normal.

It's just that some of the tornadoes have been in odd places. Like northwest of Albany, New York earlier this month. Or down in Delaware.

Who knows what the rest of the season will bring?

Here in Vermont, some thunderstorms this afternoon might get a little strong, with gusty winds and small hail. But I don't expect any tornadoes, or tornado warnings.  For a change.

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