Friday, July 28, 2017

Weird Summer Nor'easter To Drown Parts Of East Coast

Flooding in Pennsylvania this past week. An out of season
nor'easter could make flooding there and in nearby states
worse in the coming two days. Photo by @SeanSimmers from
Nor'easters are normally creatures of the winter.

These strong, windy winter storms are notorious for causing blizzards, tidal floods and high winds in the Mid-Atlantic states and Northeast during the cold season, but these nor'easters usually go away for summer vacation.

Not this year.

A nor'easter is set to flood parts of the Mid-Atlantic states and maybe a few places in the Northeast with torrential downpours.

Nor'easters do sometimes happen in mid-summer, but they're pretty rare. Summer nor'easters, this one included, are not as strong or as windy as their winter counterparts.

However, being summer, and the fact that warm air can hold more moisture than cold, this nor'easter looks like it will be a blockbuster in terms of heavy rain.

The bullseye zone for this looks to be around Maryland, northern Virginia, West Virginia Washington DC, Delaware, southern Pennsylvania and a good chunk of New Jersey.

Flooding seems inevitable there later today and tomorrow. The only question is how bad it will be.

It's already been wet down there lately. For instance,  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania got 4.27 inches of rain in just an hour Sunday, though that was a highly localized event. Still, the region under the flood watch has had a series of soaking thunderstorms over the past week or more.

The storm will stay offshore and be suppressed to the south and east. That means southern New England might get some rain, and some raw and gusty northeast winds out of this thing.

Here in Vermont, we can relax and enjoy a gorgeous weekend, as we will be too far to the north and west to be affected by this nor'easter. The storm might throw some high, thin clouds our way, especially in southern part of the Green Mountain State, but it won't be that big a deal.

We here in Vermont can expect to be in a meteorological sweet spot again today through Sunday, with sun and normal to slightly below normal temperatures and low humidity.

The reason: That nor'easter is going to make an area of high pressure, which contains fair weather, to pretty much stall nearby. The unseasonable nor'easter, then, is giving Vermont a dose of Chamber of Commerce weather.

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