Wednesday, July 12, 2017

That's Odd: Tornado In Vienna, Austria

Large tornado near the Vienna, Austria International
Airport on Monday. 
Tornadoes this week have been spinning through typical locations for this time of year: In the northern Plains, especially in North Dakota; the southern Plains of Canada and Vienna, Austria.

Wait, what?!?! Vienna, Austria?


Two days ago a large, dramatic, and yes rare for Austria touched down near Vienna International Airport.

The actual tornado did not strike the airport, but as you can imagine there were flight delays. The twister also argely avoided buildings and houses.

However, the parent supercell thunderstorm caused about $17 million in wind and hail damage around Vienna, says Yahoo News

There's a couple videos of the Vienna storm at the bottom of this post.

Tornadoes do strike Europe from time to time. It seems Italy, Germany, Poland and parts of Russia are particularly susceptible to the occasional twister.

Here's a video of  the Vienna tornado taken from an plane on the airport tarmac:

As noted above, the tornado did not strike Vienna proper, but huge hailstones and wind did, causing lots of damage. Here's a video of one neighborhood:

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