Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Those Severe Vermont T-Storms Today? Never Mind

Today's Vermont weather forecast is
brought to you by Emily "Never Mind" Litella.
Emily Litella is giving today's Vermont weather forecast.

Litella is the Gilda Radner character from 1970s-era Saturday Night Live whos infamous words are "Never mind" because she always got things wrong.

And that's the theme of today's Vermont weather forecast.

As Emily and me thought a few days ago, it looked like the ingredients were coming together for an outbreak of severe thunderstorms this afternoon. A cold front approaching,  strong upper level winds veering with height, a lot of lift in the atmosphere and plenty of moisure in the air seemed likely.

That's a recipe for big storms. But now the recipe is out the window.

Today is here and it looks like we're lucking out. The ingredients are NOT here for any significant severe thunderstorms.

There's an area of sinking air moving in, which inhibits thunderstorms. The cold front that's approaching is weakening. There's not a lot of instability that could create thunderstorms.

So, relax and chill.

Of course, there probably be a few scattered shower and storms around. Maybe one or two could have a brief downpour or a sub-severe wind gust. But don't count on it.

That doesn't mean it's going to be all sunshine and pleasantness for the rest of the month. We're still in an active weather pattern here in Vermont. After a pleasantly cool, rather sunny day on Wednesday, there's a daily chance of showers after that through at least next Monday.

But at least Emily Litella gave us a break today.

Never Mind.

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