Sunday, July 9, 2017

Rain And Storms. So What Else Is New?

Radar images of a severe thunderstorm
that caused damage in central
Vermont Saturday afternoon.
We just can't seem to shake the stormy weather, can we?

For the second Saturday in a row, severe thunderstorms rumbled through New York and New England.

This Saturday's outbreak was not as bad as last week's and unlike the five tornadoes in Maine last Saturday, there are so far no reports of twisters this Saturday. (But a couple spots of storm damage in Barre, Vermont and east of Augusta, Maine might bear investigation.)

We're getting a break in the weather today, with just scattered showers and maybe a couple rumbles of thunder, but more rough weather is due Tuesday and again maybe at the end of the week.

First, a continued recap of yesterday's storms. This cold front overperformed, too. It started on Friday, when some slow moving thunderstorms popped up. Some flash flooding occured in north central Vermont as the downpours landed on saturated soil.

Another area of downpours caused flash flooding Friday in New Jersey, Connecticut and especiall on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Several lines of storms came through New York and New England Saturday, starting at dawn and ending after dark.

One group of early morning storms caused damage in northern New York.

Another series of storms cut power in Burlington, Vermont, and caused damage in central Vermont. Especially around Barre, where there is a report of three buildings with significant damage, including one roof destroyed.

I have no further details yet on the Barre storm, but I hope the National Weather Service office in South Burlington investigates this. I'm guessing a microburst and not a tornado, based on the radar signatures I saw, but it's still worth a look.

Other storms caused lots of tree damage, especially in southern New Hampshire, northeastern Massachusetts and western Maine. One cell was seen rotating east of Augusta, Maine, though so far I see no reports of any tornado touchdowns, as noted.

So far, the endless series of damaging storms in Vermont and the rest of the Northeast aren't quite as bad as the flood-prone, stormy disaster-ridden summers of say, 1976, 1998, 2011 and 2013.

Still, things are piling up. After the damaging flash floods last weekend, Vermont state officials are asking towns for help compiling damage reports, to see if we can get federal help.

The weather forecast isn't necessarily encouraging, either. More showers and isolated storms, some with downpours, are likely to pop up Monday afternoon.

It also appears conditions are coming together for more weather trouble Tuesday. It's too soon to tell for sure, but it's gettiing more probable that some storms on Tuesday will become severe, and there is the risk of local flash floods as well.

Another weather front might stall across central or northern New England late in the week, which could drop enough rain to create more flooding.

It's kind of never ending stormy summer, isn't it?

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