Sunday, March 30, 2014

Messy Storm Expected To Dwindle To Nasty Freezing Drizzle

Depending upon where you are in northern New York or northern New York, forecasts for this weekend's storm turned out to be exactly right or off. 
The gloomy weather will continue today and
will remain like this web cam grab from Malletts Bay,
Colchester, Vermont Sunday morning. 

That was to be expected, considering the air temperature that was right near freezing and air temperatures aloft that were on the cusp of supporting  snow, sleet, ice or rain.

A few miles difference in location meant the
difference between snow, rain, ice or all of the above.   

Generally, the storm has so far behaved as expected. The southern half of Vermont, southern and central New Hampshire and New York south of the Adirondacks got mostly rain, as was predicted.  

The Adirondacks got mostly snow, again, as expected, with reported amounts up to 8 inches in Altona, New York and 7.5 Ellenburg Center, New York reported so far.

Warm air aloft moved across Vermont from east to west and stopped pretty much over Lake Champlain. So the New York side got snow, and Vermont, not much. So far, the deepest new snow and sleet accumulation reported in Vermont is two inches near Waterbury Center.

Northwestern Vermont caught a break: That area was expecting snow and sleet amounting to three to five inches, but accumulations there are less than an inch.

Where I live in St. Albans, it was mostly rain overnight. But early this morning, just as I remarked how glad I was it didn't snow, precipitation turned to sleet and a little snow. So far, only a slushy coating here. 

In southern New England, again as expected, enough rain fell to cause some flooding problems. A lot of places there got more than two inches of rain and some more is falling. 

The worst hit seems to be Rhode Island, where as of 8 a.m. Providence was closing in on rainfall of four inches from this storm, rain was still coming down hard and flash flood warnings were up for most of that state.

The main body of rain is heading up into northeastern New England this morning, but the parent storm system is sort of hanging around the Northeast.

This means the rather ugly weather in New England won't end until early Monday.

In northern New York and northern Vermont, temperatures will slowly drop during the day. Rain and mixed precipitation will turn to a depressing freezing drizzle. Not much ice will accumulate, but roads could get slick this afternoon through the early Monday morning commute.

In central New England, including the southern halves of Vermont and New Hampshire, a packet of moisture riding around the storm system will create snow, sleet and freezing rain tonight. This is the area that so far escaped winter weather with this system.

But tonight, those areas can expect 1 to 3 inches of snow, sleet and ice accumulation tonight. 

The ice and mix will end Monday morning.  And good news for both people who want to see the snow melt and maple sugaring enthusiasts: The upcoming week in northern New England will be just a tad cooler than average. That means that though nights will mostly go below freezing, daytime highs will get into the 40s, melting some of the snow in the valleys.

Meanwhile out in the Great Plains, blizzard watches and warnings and winter storm warnings remain in effect tonight and Monday as a storm rolls through there. Those areas can expect six to 15 inches of snow with winds of up to 50 mph.


The Northeast is not expected to get hit much by that storm. Maybe just a few light rain and snow showers across northern New York and the northern half of New England Tuesday night. 

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