Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Oh Joy! More Snow, Sleet, Cold in the Forecast!

Of course you wanted more snowy, chilly weather! Who wants spring when you can have ice underfoot and enormous heating bills all year?  
Happier times: Daffodils in my St. Albans, Vermont
garden in April, 2013.Won't be seeing these anytime
soon this year.  

Yes, I'm getting pretty cynical about all this winter weather that won't quit.

It gets more frustrating as we get closer and closer to April.  Especially since there's precious little warmth in the forecast. Still.

Want to feel even worse about the cold?  This week two years ago, an unprecedented week long March heat wave sent temperatures into the 70s and 80s for days on end in the Midwest, Northeast and southeastern Canada.

I'm beginning to wonder if we'll even manage to hit 70 degrees by the Fourth of July at this rate this year.

Bouts of wintry weather will continue in the northern Great Lakes area and parts of the interior Northeast as a parade of midsized storms and big cold blasts from the Arctic come crashing down on the region

It was snowing in parts of Michigan this morning, part of a storm that will cause some messy weather in interior New England tonight.

The eastern half of Vermont,  parts of New York's Adirondacks, northern New Hampshire and western Maine are in for two to five inches of snow and sleet tonight from that system. East facing mountain slopes look like they'll get the most of this.

Broader valleys like Champlain Valley, the St. Lawrence Valley of New York and the lower Connecticut Valley will get less, as it will be warm enough for a mix of rain. Plus nearby mountain ranges might block some of the moisture from the storm, cutting down on precipitation.

So if you're in places like Burlington, Vermont, you probably will manage to get only a slushy coating to an inch or so of slush out of this.

More snow, mostly on north and west facing mountain slopes in northern New England will come along Thursday night. Places like Mount Mansfield and Jay Peak in Vermont could get yet another two to five inches of snow then.

By Friday more snow will be falling on already very white Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan as the next storm comes along. That one will spread some more snow and rain on the Northeast Saturday, though it looks like accumulations will be light.

Then the Arctic air resumes it's full force attack, dropping temperatures below 0 in parts of the Midwest over the weekend, and on into northern New York and New England next week.

Yay!!  Don't you just love having to wear your warmest ski parka every day during the spring?

Want more? You got it!! At least maybe.

Some of the long range computer forecasting models are predicting a large nor'easter during the middle or end of next week. If the forecasting comes true, a LOT of snow could dump on New England.

This forecast could be just a scare. Chances are the storm will harmlessly go out to sea and not bother any of us.  (Maybe if we all push hard enough somehow it will)

But we have to watch this, just in case. Our luck is this year's April Fool will be us, wondering why spring has passed us by.

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