Thursday, March 13, 2014

As Expected, Vermont, Surrounding Areas Buried in Snow

Oh, I hope you're good at shoveling snow.
The ugly scene in my St. Albans, Vermont driveway
as dawn broke this morning. And I'm one of the lucky
ones as I got less snow than much of Vermont.
It looks like "only" about 12 to 14 inches out there.  

As of 6 a.m. the snow was not coming down quite as hard as it did yesterday and last night, but the damage is done.

Most of eastern New York, Vermont and much of New Hampshire have somewhere between one and two feet of new snow on the ground.

Snow reports were just coming in as of 6:30 p.m.  So far, Burlington, Vermont had 18.2 inches of fresh powder, making this the 13th largest snowstorm in that city's history.

Since it's still snowing, this storm will probably move up in the rankings.

The deepest snow reports I saw so far in Vermont were 26 inches in Sharon, 24.3 inches in East Roxbury and  22" in Proctor. But we'll get even deeper reports later today, I'm sure.

Out in western New York, Buffalo got 13 inches and Rochester 15 inches of snow out of this.

It's still wicked nasty out there. It's still snowing in parts of New York, much of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. It's windy, too, so the powder is blowing around wickedly.

The Weather Channel names winter storm and called this one Vulcan. The Vermont State Police stated things perfectly in terms of going out for a drive this morning.  Latching onto the obvious Star Trek theme, Vermont State Police Tweeted: "It would be illogical to boldly go out on Vermont roads during Winter Storm Vulcan."

They've got that right. Most schools, a lot of government agencies and many businesses in the storm zone are closed this morning. Stay home, relax. Chill.

Heck, it's easy enough to literally chill with temperatures in the single numbers and low teens and strong winds making it feel like it's below zero outside.

A side note: On this date two years ago, Burlington,  Vermont had a record high temperature of 67 degrees. Today's high will be about 50 degrees colder than that. Brrrr!!!

As the strong storm departs today, snow will slowly taper off. It'll last the longest in the Champlain Valley, western slopes of the Green Mountains, parts of the northern Adirondacks, northwest slopes of the White Mountains and parts of western Maine.

Several inches of additional snow is likely in these areas today on top of what has already fallen.

The National Weather Service in South Burlington nailed this one in terms of forecasting. They were spot on when they said the deepest snow would hit the Adirondacks and central Vermont. The National Weather Service in Gray, Maine also got the forecast for New Hampshire and Maine right, so kudos to all of them.

Strong winds will continue to blow and drift the snow all day, so watch for that. Temperatures won't really rise today, either.   This is unusually cold for January, never mind mid-March.

Winter will continue to hang tough. It'll get below zero tonight in much of northern New England, which is unusual for mid-March.

Temperatures will flirt with seasonable 30s to near 40 by Saturday as some snow showers add a little dusting to the deep layer of snow, especially in the mountains.

Then it's back in the deep freeze Sunday and Monday with highs barely reaching 20 and yet ANOTHER below zero morning Monday.

Speaking of another,  a new storm looks like it could brush the East Coast Sunday or Monday.  Little snow will fall in the areas that got blasted with deep powder yesterday and today, but areas along the coast from Washington DC north into eastern New England, which pretty much missed out on the snow this time, could get a few inches of snow Sunday and Monday.

That storm is still uncertain, so stay tuned. And again, another snowstorm Monday for hard hit northern New England looks pretty damn unlikely, which is one bit of good news for the winter weary.

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