Saturday, March 22, 2014

Luckily, Super Mega Storm Next Week Will Probably Give Only A Glancing Blow

National Weather Service forcast map shows an intense
storm off the New England coast Wednesday. 
All the computer forecasting models say an enormous, dangerous storm will lurk just off the East Coast the middle of next week.  

Luckily, most of the forecasts say the worst of the storm will stay offshore for most areas.

That's a good thing, because this offshore nor'easter looks to be an incredible monster.

If it moved right along the coast, you'd get hurricane force winds, terrible coastal flooding and a blizzard with snow measured in feet.

But so far --- knock on wood--the storm seems to want to stay offshore.

That means eastern New England in particular will get some nasty weather, but the storm won't be the end of the world for most of us.

I bet by Tuesday or Wednesday, Cape Cod will get some gale force winds, and by Wednesday, eastern Maine will have quite a windy snowstorm.

For the rest of the Northeast, it will just be windy and very cold for late March, with weather more typical of January.

Atlantic Canada will bear the brunt of the storm, with enormous winds, heavy snows, and in some places, very heavy rain.

Of course, if the storm unexpected takes a more westward track, most of the East Coast is screwed. I'm really banking on the forecasts being right.

Another tidbit of good news: After that mega storm rockets north toward Greenland, the cold in the Midwest and East will finally start to ease up.

There will be record cold in parts of the Great Lakes and maybe the Northeast during the first half of the week.

By next weekend, most of the nation will see temperatures pretty close to normal for late March or early April. That, if it comes to pass, will be sweet indeed!

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