Friday, August 23, 2013

Haze Clears In Vermont, Northeast, For Now; Could Be Back

That spell of very warm, humid weather that ended with Thursday's showers and thunderstorms also brought a lot of haze to the Northeast.
Haze over Lake Champlain
in this view from South
Burlington, Vermont.  

As I start my day now, on Friday in St. Albans, Vermont, the sky is very clear. There's no haze,  and it's bright blue and beautiful.

Clean air from Canada is the reason for the improved atmosphere. Northwest winds are drawing the air into our neck of the woods.

The haze might come back though. As we start heading into Sunday and especially next week, the air flow over us will come more from the west.

As you know, huge wildfires continue to plague the west, especially in California.  Smoke from the fires could make it this far, in the form of haze, just as it did earlier this week.

Any haze we do get won't be just smoke from the fires.  As is often the case during warm spells in the summer, it gets hazy with or without fires out west. We also get pollutants from Midwest industries.

The particles from the pollution, be it industry in Cleveland or forest fires in the Sierra Nevada, cling to water droplets, and we get hazy.

It's hard to say how hazy it will get, or even if the landscape will get particularly blurry. We'll just see how it plays out. Meanwhile, enjoy the wonderful clear air today and Saturday.

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