Wednesday, August 28, 2013

FWIW: Naming Hurricanes After Climate Change Deniers?

The video in this post is pointed, and creative and ridiculous and mean, and funny and  resonates, so I'll share it.
From the video: A faux news report on
the destruction caused by "Hurricane Marco Rubio"  

The producers of the video, the climate change activist group 350 Action,  have proposed naming destructive hurricanes after politicians who deny that human caused climate change is happening.

Some caveats: I'm not saying whether I embrace the video or not. I'm just throwing it out there to spur discussion.

I definitely agree with almost all climate scientists that humans are warming the planet. I'm not 100 percent sure what that warming is doing to hurricanes.

The warming does seem to suggest  hurricanes would become worse in the future,  but how those probably worse hurricanes play out, and where, seems a little uncertain.  But it's worth considering the risk of stronger winds, heavier rain and bigger storm surges with some future hurricanes.

The video is totally political, yes. You can agree with the sentiments in the video or not. The idea is fun, for sure. And I like the way it sort of spoofs the faux-urgent style of television news networks reporting on hurricanes.

So here's the video. Discuss:

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