Friday, August 30, 2013

The Weather Is Paying Attention To the Calendar This Weekend

For some reason, the last "unofficial" weekend of summer, Labor Day weekend, ought to have summer like weather. It doesn't always, as sometimes the first autumnal cool spells of the season descend on New England during the Labor Day weekend.
A thunderstorm looms over St. Albans Bay in Vermont
in July. More storms are likely in Vermont and the
rest of New England over the Labor Day weekend.  

Not this year. It's a very humid Friday to start off the holiday and it will stay that way through Monday. Then, on schedule, it will turn cooler and much less humid next Tuesday.

In a land where the weather always seems unseasonable, it's kind of nice to see it behave at least sort of in keeping with the season.

That's not to say it's going to be all sunshine and beaches and barbecues in Vermont and elsewhere in New England today through Monday.

As I said, it's really humid, and it will stay that way. All that water in the air represents a lot of potential for showers and thunderstorms. All you need is a trigger to set them off.

Those triggers will be around, as weak weather fronts and boundaries and wind shifts will meander close by for the next few days. That's all you need for showers and storms to develop.

Mostly, they'll be hit and miss. Some places will stay dry, others will get really wet. Other spots will just have brief interludes where you have to abandon the grill and the beach to let the thunderstorm pass.

The best chances for storms are Saturday afternoon, when a slightly stronger weather front moves by, and on Monday, when a cold front is forecast to approach. That's the one that will end our late season spate of humidity.

I'm also wondering about the slight possibility of flash flooding in a few spots over the weekend. Some of the rain will be torrential, and some of the storms will move slowly. That's a recipe for some flooding.

The vast majority of Vermont will see no flooding, and there's a very good chance nobody in the Green Mountain State will have to contend with something like a driveway washout, a flooded street or high water creeping up from the nearby brook.

I just want to throw the possibility out there because it could happen. Just keep an eye to the sky and an ear to any warnings that might come out, just in case.

And have a great Labor Day weekend!

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