Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday p.m. Update: As Expected, Showers, Storms Blossoming in Northeast

As of 2 p.m. a lot of showers and thunderstorms have erupted in upstate New York and are heading into northwestern Vermont.
Darkening skies as of 2 p.m. in St. Albans as
a thunderstorm approaches, as expected.  

So far,  none of the storms appear to be severe, and that relatively mellow trend was also expected. The cold front causing this weather is bumping into really, really humid air.

There's certainly heat and water to feed the storms. Just ahead of the thunder, in Burlington, Vermont at 2 p.m., it was 85 degrees with a dew point of 64, so that's plenty warm and humid enough to support the oncoming thunderstorms.

That means I wouldn't be surprised if some of the storms end up on the strong side, with a few torrential downpours, some gusty winds, and dangerous lightning strokes.

I don't expect any flooding or widespread wind damage with this weather.

From my perch in St. Albans, Vermont, in the far northwestern part of the state, the sky is darkening and I've heard a couple rumbles of thunder off to the west.

So if it's sunny and hot where you are in the northern New England, expect it to cloud up and probably rain, probably thunder where you are. If it's already thundering and raining, congratulations. It's the beginning of the end of a spell of very warm, humid weather.

I'm still expecting a refreshingly cooler, drier Friday.

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