Friday, August 4, 2017

Storm Threat Continues Today, Saturday For Some Of Us

Stormy skies over Lake Champlain last month. Similar
 scenes are possible today and Saturday.
As expected, scattered thunderstorms kept bubbling up, dying and bubbling back up on Thursday, thanks to an ample supply of humidity and instability in the atmosphere.

I don't have much in the way of severe weather reports, but there were a few flash flood warnings issued amid the slow moving storms, especially in the Adirondacks and southern Vermont.

No widespread damage was reported, but I'm sure people in a few spots are dealing with eroded driveways and such.

It's rinse and repeat today.

The forecast philosphy hasn't changed. Most of today across Vermont will pretty much be a carbon copy of Thursday, except it might be a little breezier and the storms might - might be a little more widespread than yesterday's.

Again, they'll start to develop in the mountains around noon and continue to bubble and die and be reborn all afternoon and into the evening.

Once again, the vast majority of us won't get any severe weather or flooding, and some of us will get no rain at all. But a few pockets across New York, Vermont, New Hampshire will get local damaging wind gusts and flash flooding.

A stronger batch of storms will start to enter New York's St. Lawrence Valley this evening, and some of those will be accompanied by damaging winds. But the storms will weaken as the sun sets. By the time the line reaches Vermont later tonight, there might be some gusty winds and heavy downpours, but that's about it.

On Saturday, the timing of the cold front is still thought to be such that the best chances of damaging storms would from central Vermont eastward

As the cold front comes across New York state in the morning, the National Weather Service in South Burlington, Vermont is thinking thunderstorms could get going in the eastern Adirondacks in the late morning and then head east.

By the time these thunderstorms march east into the Champlain Valley and especially into central Vermont just ahead of the cold front, some will get strong, with a risk of gusty winds and hail once again. This stuff will then head off into New Hampshire and Maine toward evening, and we'll be done with this relatively active weather.

Expect a coolish and nice Sunday, by the way.

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