Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Death Valley Just Had The World's Hottest Month

Death Valley, California just set the record for the
hottest month reliably measured on Earth
If you just love hot summer weather, you should have spent July in Death Valley, California.

According to meteorologist and climate stats expert Christopher Burt, the average temperature in Death Valley this July was 107.4 degrees.  

For comparison's sake, the average temperature in July, 2017 in Burlington,  Vermont - close to me - was 70.6 degrees, which is normal for the month.

Some media outlets said the Death Valley figures from this July made it only the second hottest month recorded on Earth.

However, Burt says the King Kalid, Saudi Arabia military base, which has claimed the world's hottest month has unreliable data. The data from Death Valley is more accurate, he says.

Three nights in Death Valley during July never fell below 100 degrees. The hottest afternoon there this July reached 127 degrees.

By the way, the "coldest" night at Death Valley in July, 2017 plunged all the way down to 89 degrees. Again, for comparison's sake, the hottest day in Burlington, Vermont this July was 89 degrees.

I'm not sure what August will bring for Death Valley but it sure is hot this week. Afternoon temperatures there for the rest of this week will generally be in the 115 to 120 degree range. (Here in Vermont, expect 70s to low 80s.)

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