Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Next Up: Climate March On Washington

There's a huge climate march planned on April 29 to
protest the Trump administration's expected inaction
on climate change. I'm sure there will be other marches
in other cities, including one near you. 
Big demonstrations against President Donald Trump's policies are all the rage already, just two weeks into his term.

The big Women's March, huge in Washington and all around the United States, hit just one day after Trump was inaugurated.

Over the weekend, big demonstrations blossomed nationwide as Trump invoked an executive order banning many immigrants and travelers from certain Muslim countries.

I'm sure there will be many more marches and protests, and one potential biggie that is formulating is a march on climate change.

That demonstration still seems to be in its developmental stages, so I'm not sure on the particulars yet.  I'm guessing, though, that it's going to be pretty big, and take place in many cities across the United States and the world, not just in Washington DC.

I've seen planned dates for this demonstration to be on April 29.  It would make sense to have the big protest then, since it's close to Earth Day., the big climate activist group, has scheduled April 29 as the big march dates, so that's why I'm 99 percent sure it will be then.

Here's what the web site has to say about this:

"That's  the date of the People's Climate Mobilization, a major march in Washington DC when we will come together with hundreds of thousands of people to reject Trump's attack on our communities and climate, amd push forward with our vision of a clean energy economy that works for all."

As I said, I'm sure there will be marches in other cities on that date for people who can't make it to Washington.

Meanwhile, there's also going to be a March For Science on Earth Day, April 22. This one isn't limited to climate change issues but certainly involves the subject. It's meant to demonstrate facts, science and peer review are much more important and reliable than made up facts meant to fulfill a political narrative.

It'll be interesting to see how many people turn out for these climate and science marches on April 22 and 29. There's no doubt climate change is a real biggie on the importance scale.

Yet there's so many competing issues people are outraged about in the here and now. Refugees, freedoms, the economy, you name it.

Of course climate change is happening this very second and the longer we dawdle the worse the problems will be in the future. However, human nature, being what it is, tends not to look at the hazard that is perceived to be down the road. They look at what the see right in front of their noses.

That's not to discourage the climate march. I hope LOTS of people attend and make their voices heard. Let's break some crowd records with this one.

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