Sunday, February 5, 2017

Watch Lake Effect Snows Bury New York Town

In this photo from people are seen digging
out from a 100-inch lake effect snow blast in
Redfield, New York this week.k 
As advertised in advance, towns in the snow belts near Lake Ontario in New York received lots and LOTS of lake effect snow over the past week.

The town of Redfield, New York was the big winner, picking up 100 inches of snow during the blitz.

So far this winter, at least 288 inches of snow has fallen on Redfield. That's 24 feet. Of course, it's also been a warm winter, so a lot of that melted between lake effect snow episodes.

Below is a brief time lapse film of the lake effect slowly burying a fence in Redfield.

As is typical with lake effect snows, the powder was light and fluffy, and you can see it settle a bit during lulls and breaks in the snow squalls.  (Light and powdery snow settles quickly.)

Watch the video carefully and you can see it, especially when there's a brief spell of sunny weather.
The snow will dramatically settle more in Redfield this week as a brief thaw and spell of icy, rainy weather moves in.

Here's the video:

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