Sunday, February 12, 2017

Best Snowball Fight Ever In Vancouver, British Columbia

This epic snowball fight broke out at the University of British
Columbia, Vancouver, Canada after an unusually
large snowstorm earlier this week. 
As we know, New England is getting hammered by a big snowstorm - the second time in a week that has happened.

Maybe not everybody likes the winter weather, but you always have to look on the bright side. Snowstorms are often fun, if you make them so.

For proof, we can look to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as an example.

That city had a large snowstorm - 14 inches of it about a week ago.

Yes, Vancouver is in chilly Canada, and it's on the Pacific Coast. They do get snow every winter, but not all that much. Think Seattle. The climate is similar to that in Vancouver. It's rainy and stormy and mild most of the time in the winter along coastal British Columbia.

So 14 inches of new snow is quite an event. Especially when the snow is wet and sticky, perfect for making snow balls.

Thus,  you get this epic snow ball fight on the campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Looks like fun!


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