Saturday, January 7, 2017

East Coast Storm Continues To Over-Produce: Blizzard On Cape Cod

A National Weather Service snow forecast
out of Boston is forecasting nearly 20 inches
of new snow on Cape Cod by tomorrow morning.
The storm affecting the Southeast and soon parts of New England is continuing to surprise and become worse than some of the most pessimistic forecasts.

It's one of those storms that is said to "overproduce" generating much more weather than seemed plausible just hours before.  

The storm had largely exited Alabama and Georgia by early this morning, but things were still a mess in those regions and will continue to be into Monday.

Atlanta got mostly freezing rain, followed by a little snow, and temperatures there had fallen  into the low 20s by daybreak today. Anybody who goes out for a drive in Atlanta today is totally nuts.

The snow and sleet was still pummeling especially North Carolina and southeastern Virginia with heavy snow and near blizzard conditions in spots this morning. It will taper off later this afternoon, but it will take forever to clear the roads there. Or at least until Tuesday and Wednesday, when it warms up and things melt down

The storm is stronger than first predicted, and is hugging the coast more than we thought.

This means the impacts of this thing in New England are going to be more intense than thought.

A blizzard warning is now in place for Cape Cod and the islands and the south coast of Massachusetts south of Boston.

There, a whopping 15 to 20 inches of new snow is now forecast with gusts to 45 mph. Travel later today and tonight will pretty much become impossible down in that neck of the woods.

A foot of snow might come down in Boston, and winter storm warnings have been pushed westward as far as Worcester, Massachusetts and central Connectcut.

Even far southeastern Vermont is now in play for a little snow. The Brattleboro area is now expected one to three inches of snow. Most of the rest of Vermont, especially north of Route 4, is still not likely to get anything other than clouds today.

Bet the northern New England ski areas are jealous of Cape Cod today!

This storm has proven to be unpredictable to say the least, so there might be a few more adjustments to the forecast today as the storm approaches. It will reach its peak in New England tonight. There might even be some thundersnow on or near Cape Cod tonight.

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