Thursday, January 12, 2017

Winter Of '17 So Far Turning Into A Wimp

My yard in St. Albans, Vermont late yesterday afternoon
look more like late March, not mid-January. 
I've been saying right along that this winter will have to be colder than the winter of 2015-16 because it couldn't possibly be warmer than last year.

That's still true. Last winter was by far the warmest on record in Vermont and I don't think we can top that.

But for snow and cold lovers (I'm not necessarily one of them) the winter of 2016-17 is turning into a wimp.  

Today is windy and warm and getting into the 50s in much of Vermont.

True, it'll get chilly again for a couple days tomorrow and Saturday, but the warmth returns next week for what could be an extended stay.

There's no snow on the ground in the valleys. Yesterday, it was sunny and 50 degrees. My yard in St. Albans, Vermont was nearly free of snow, and I did some either late autumn or early spring yard cleanup.

Forecasts don't hold out much hope for more snow. In fact, I saw one 10-day forecast that calls for absolutely no snow in Montpelierk which is very odd considering we're in the depths of winter.

Sure, things could turn around in February and March, but it sure has been quiet so far.

Snowfall for the season so far is running nine inches below normal at Burlington,  and with the nearly snow-free forecast that deficit will continue to grow.

December was more than three degrees warmer than  normal, and so far January is running seven degrees on the hot side.

True, it's been rather stormy, but a lof of the storms have brought rain and mixed precipitation.

This sure isn't like the extreme winters of old.

Like I said, even though it will be generally warm for at least the next 10 days, winter could return with a vengeance in February.

We'll just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, just enjoy (or curse) the January thaw.

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