Sunday, August 2, 2015

Told Ya So: New York City Is Not Being Hit By A Tropical Storm Today

As you can see, no tropical storms near New
York City today, as expected.  
At 8 a.m. this Sunday morning, skies were fair over New York City's Central Park, the temperature was 74 degrees and the wind was calm.

That's not exactly exciting news, I get it, but it proves a point I made back on July 24: Don't believe long range forecasts of hurricanes or tropical storms hitting a specific area.

Back on July 24, one of the long range computer models predicted that today, Sunday, August 2,  a strong tropical storm or hurricane would be somewhere near New York City.

Nope. As I noted, there's no tropical storm anywhere near the East Coast of the United States. It's a very tranquil morning in New York.

The National Hurricane Center said this morning that no tropical activity is expected to develop in the Atlantic Ocean over the next 48 hours.

The long range forecast wasn't completely worthless. A cluster of thunderstorms moved northeastward way, way off the East Coast.

Had conditions been more favorable for tropical storms, maybe that cluster of storms would have developed into some sort of tropical storm.

But, no.

Bottom line: It's fun to look at long range forecasts, and these long range forecasts can give clues to a the general weather pattern a week or two out.  So they're not worthless.

But if you want specific forecasts, only the ones predicting conditions over the next few days are that good.

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