Thursday, August 13, 2015

Real Dicks At Accuweather Gave The Shaft To The East Coast This Week

The East Coast sure got dicked over by wet weather
on Tuesday, at least as shown by Accuweather.  
Hat tip to fellow weather geek Scoop Cronin for pointing, and I do mean pointing, out this weather forecast map for this past Tuesday for the East Coast.

As you can see, Accuweather accurately forecasted that Mother Nature gave the eastern United States the shaft with the weather on Tuesday. (Maybe she was wearing a strap-on?)

I particularly like the "heavy rain" near the tip of the, um, weather zone in New England. As a denizen of New England, I'm now REALLY glad it rained pretty hard that day and nothing else came out of the sky, if you catch my drift.

I can understand why the map makers at Accuweather drew Tuesday's forecast map the way they did. I'm always aroused by big storms and loud thunderstorms. Maybe just not aroused the way the people at Accuweather were that day.

The news crew at WGN in Chicago really turned into 6th graders with the weather map, as you can see in the video below:

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