Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Little Publicized Intense Summer Heat Melting The Southern United States

Nightime view of Jackson, Mississippi. But
even nights have been sweltering in the Deep South
during this persistently hot summer.  
There hasn't been too much publicity about the unrelenting heat in the Deep South, mostly because it hasn't been spectacularly breaking all time record highs on any given day.

But it's been a long slog of horrible heat and humidity in places like Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama for more than a month now.

Today will likely be the 30th day in a row that Jackson, Mississippi has reached at least 95 degrees. Such a long streak is a new record for them.

It's been 90 degrees or better in Jackson every afternoon since July 6. It's been 95 or more every day since July. Only one night has gotten any cooler than 70 degreds since July 7. Since July 25, nine days have reached 100 degrees or more.

Of course, Jackson, Mississippi isn't the place to go if you like refreshingly cool summer breezes. It's usually humid there, and normal daytime highs there are in the low 90s.

But this summer has been horrible. I bet they're sick of it.

If you go to Shreveport, Louisiana, it's not any better. Yesterday was the 8th consecutive day in Shreveport that made it to 100 degrees or more

Relief, such as it is, looks destined to finally reach these areas later this week. Relief is way too strong a word, though. Daytime highs later in the week across the Deep South will "only" reach the low 90s.

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