Wednesday, August 5, 2015

All Hail Boston! And Other Cities That Got Pounded By Wild Storms

A main tries to flee through the large
hail falling on Boston yesterday.  
Yesterday was indeed a wild day in Massachusetts, and in New Hampshire. And Maine. And Rhode Island.

Waves of severe storms rolled through the region all day. Tornado warnings were rampant across Massachusetts in the afternoon. There was a waterspout in Boston Harbor, but no confirmations yet of tornadoes.

However, meteorologists will surely go out today to look at damage paths in southern and eastern New England to find any evidence of tornadoes.

The real story was the hail, which hit many eastern New England communities hard. Lots of reports of golf ball sized hail or even bigger. I wonder how many thousands of cars are dented this morning.

Probably many thousands.

There will be far fewer severe storms in New England today, but some areas will get some hail. A cold pool of air aloft will encourage storms, and since it's so cool upstairs, hail won't melt as much as usual for August on the way down.

Here are a few cool videos: A couple from Boston, and at least one from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which had its own problems with hail, flooding and storms on Tuesday.

Television station WCVB in Boston has this great time lapse of the city getting swallowed up by the severe storm:

Next, somebody took a video of large hail hitting a Boston roof. The first few seconds show it falling in normal time, then they go into a really cool slow motion video of the falling hail:

Up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the hailstorm there looked like this:

And oh, hell, I'll throw in a video of a small tornado passing over a house in Florida this week:

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