Sunday, April 5, 2015

Two Terrifying Weather Videos, But Luckily, Nobody Got Hurt

Window washers being battered by
high winds slamming their carriage
into a skyscraper.  
Two weather-related videos are making the rounds around the web this weekend, in which weather probably terrified a few people, but in the end, everyone is OK.

The first video was taken in Shanghai, China, on the 91st floor of Shanghai World Financial Centre, the second tallest building in town.

High winds came in fast, and sent a window washing carriage with two occupants swinging wildly in the gale and smashing, hard and repeatedly, against the walls of the building.

Rescue workers eventually smashed some windows on the skyscraper to reach the window washers, who were shaken up but not badly injured, says

The video of the window washing nightmare was taken by an office worker inside the skyscraper:

Next, we go to Seattle, Washington, where an unusually strong thunderstorm for that part of the country rolled in on Wednesday.

Cold air aloft and converging winds contributed to the storms, which dumped heavy hail in parts of the area and created lots of lightning strikes.

A person taking a video near the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport managed to catch two separate airliners getting struck by lightning.

Lightning often strikes passenger aircraft, which are designed to take such hits. But it's still briefly scary for the people in the planes, and sometimes for people watching from the ground

See for yourself:

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