Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dramatic Brazilian Tornado...

A tornado roaring through Xanxere, Brazil earlier this week. 
The United States is now getting into the heart of tornado season now. Between now and the beginning of June, we can expect a lot of tornadoes, if the season is normal.

So far, for the fourth year in a row, the number of tornadoes is running well below normal, which is of course a good thing.

You never know what might come in May or early June, things could really pick up.

Tornadoes are likely to spin up in parts of Texas this evening. Supercells were already boiling up in that neck of the woods as I wrote this in the late afternoon, eastern time.

But this won't be an enormous outbreak. Also, though there will be an almost daily risk of tornadoes for the next week in the southern Plains and maybe the Gulf Coast states, current indications are twisters won't  be a dime a dozen.

Unfortunately, it seems other parts of the world are picking up the United States slack in terms of tornadoes.

Earlier this week, there was a particularly large one in Brazil.

The Associated Press said the tornado hit the southern Brazil city of Xanxere, killing two people, injuring 120 others and forcing about 1,000 other from their homes.

Tornadoes are relatively rare in Brazil, but the area of the country near the border of Argentina and Uruguay is sometimes prone to supercell thunderstorms, the kind that can produce tornadoes.

Somebody on the edge of the Brazi tornado path caught it on video. The video is awfully shaky, which is understandable since the buy filming the tornado could not have been sure if the house he was in would fly away, with him in it.

But you still see the trees and branches outside his window being sucked into the tornado. And once the worst of the storm passes, you see the twisted debris it leaves behind.


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