Monday, April 27, 2015

Watch Horrible Monday New Orleans Storm Blow Train Cars Off Bridge

Train cars on the ground beneath a New Orleans bridge
after strong thunderstorm winds blew them off.
Photo from the Times-Picayune  
A line of really, really bad thunderstorms tore through much of Louisiana this morning and early afternoon.

The part of the storms that everybody is talking about is how the incredibly strong winds blew rail cars off the Huey P. Long bridge in New Orleans. It was dramatically caught on video, which you will see at the bottom of this post.  

There was widespread other trouble in New Orleans and elsewhere in Louisiana. Winds gusted to 70 mph at the International Airport and a tornado was spotted by sheriffs in the area.

It's not clear as of late afternoon whether other tornadoes touched down in the New Orleans, Lafayette and Baton Rouge areas, but there were reports of roofs blown off of some houses and businesses.

That damage could have been caused by tornadoes, or powerful straight line winds.

Power failures affected tens of thousands of homes and businesses and flooding was widespread.

As of late afternoon, it wasn't over yet for Louisiana.  More severe storms were developing over parts of the state, packing high winds and large hail. The threat will continue into the evening.

Some incredibly strong storms were also offshore from Galveston, Texas and were heading northeast toward coastal Louisiana. If they hold together, these storms will join the chorus of heavy rain, large hail and high winds affecting much of Louisiana.

Flash flood watches also remain in effect for much of Louisiana.

This isn't one of those famous Louisiana hurricanes, but to many residents, I'm sure it felt like it.

Here's that train video. Yikes!!

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