Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Still patches of ice, snow in and near Lake Ontario.  
It's finally warmed up in the northeastern United States after a long, cold winter.

Snow is mostly gone, at least in the low elevations, lake ice is breaking up, buds are appearing, and daffodils are emerging from the ground.

Hat tip to Marshall Shepherd for the visibile satellite image he put out on Twitter showing Lake Ontario in New York amid yesterday's sunshine.

In the photo in this post (click on it to make it bigger and easier to see) Lake Ontario is almost ice free. Still, on the western shore, you can see an area of ice that hasn't melted yet. It was blown there by steady west winds.

Also, you still see a patch of snow on the Tug Hill Plateau. That's high ground east of Lake Ontario that tends to get the heaviest and most persistent lake effect snows earlier in the winter. Not all that lake effect snow has melted yet, apparently.

You can also see the brown color of the rest of the landscape. Things haven't greened up yet in this neck of the woods.

If we get another satellite photo of the same area in another month or so, the landscape will look largely green.

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