Saturday, April 25, 2015

Storms? We Got Storms. And Some Beautiful Ones, Too

Tornado earlier this week in
Desert Center, CA.  
More nasty storms got going in parts of the southern and central Plains yesterday, and over the past couple of days there have been interesting storms elsewhere, too.

The first photo in this post, is a small but beautiful tornado in Desert Center California, about 40 miles west of the Arizona border.

Photographer Russell Fischer captured the EFO twister as it touched down in the desert. It caused minor damage to a solar facility.

(Click on the image to make it bigger and easier to see.)

The next photo, via Twitter from @stormpics, shows three, count 'em, three tornadoes lined up in a row near Scott City, Kansas on Friday.

These types of tornadoes, captured by Dick McGowan, are known as landspouts.

Landspouts usually spin up from the ground rather than lower from a rotating supercell thunderstorm toward the ground. Landspouts are also generally weaker than the bigger tornadoes that decend from supercell thunderstorms.

These landspouts in Kansas caused little if any damage.

There were 11 reports of tornadoes in the United States yesterday, including these landspouts in Kansas. Other areas of Kansas reported tornadoes. Texas had several, and one touched down in Louisiana.

More severe weather, and possible tornadoes are expected today, especially in the Tennessee and lower Obio Valleys.

Meanwhile, after severe storms hit parts of Australia earlier this week, another bout of storms hit Sydney Thursday and Friday.

Watch the incredible amount of hail in Sydney in this video:

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