Saturday, January 24, 2015

Strong Winter Storm Battering Southern New England

From Twitter: What the storm looked like in
The Bronx, New York early this morning.  
It's pretty wild this morning in much of southern New England, and in parts of the New York metro area as that big winter storm lumbers through.

In the path of the storm,  north of New York City, snowfall has already reached up to six inches.

In New York itself, two to four inches of snow fell, but as of a little before 7 a.m, precipitation had changed to a mix.

Snow was mixing with and changing to rain in southern  Connecticut, too, but not before dumping up to six inches of snow there.

Thunder was also reported in southern Connecticut, proving this is one dynamic storm.

Heavy snow was falling in the Boston area, too.

Snow will mix or change to with sleet, freezing rain and rain south and east of a line from central Connecticut to Boston, then go back to snow. That's in line with previous forecasts.

Areas north and west of Boston will get the heaviest snow, coming down at a rate of one to two inches per hour this morning. It's wet snow, so we'll be hearing about fairly widespread power failures and tree damage in parts of southern New England.

The storm is moving fast, so it will be largely out of southern New England later today.

The system qualifies as a "bomb" meaning it's intensifying really, really fast. It's good that its greatest intensity increase will come as it's passing Cape Cod. And the storm is a bit out to sea. So the worst effects of the storm won't be felt as much on land.

Still, watch out for strong winds and especially coastal flooding today along the Massachusetts coast.

Later today, as the storm moves north, eastern Maine and New Brunswick, Canada will probably get the brunt of the storm.

The storm, as expected, is missing northern New England. Overall, the storm is behaving about as forecast.

An Alberta Clipper type storm will drop a few inches of snow on the Mid-Atlantic states by Monday, and the Northeast, as I've noted before, is in for a long spell of cold weather, starting tomorrow.

Winter isn't going to give up in the Northeast for quite some time.

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