Friday, January 30, 2015

New Englanders: Sick Of Winter? Watch This

Watch and see in the video, below, if this
woman has HAD IT with winter. Add caption
New England seems to be the Big Winter Winner this year.  

Lots of cold. Lots of snow, at least lately, and it ain't going to end soon.

It snowed today. It'll be brutally cold this weekend, there's the risk of another big snowstorm in southern New England Monday, and then even more brutally cold weather, worse than we've gotten so far this winter, is on its way for Tuesday and Wednesday.

I'm freezing my butt off. I've slipped on the ice more times than I care to count, I'm coming down with a cold, and the house is chilly because I don't feel like paying a zillion dollars to keep it warm enough.

I know, I know, whine, moan, complain, why don't you move to someplace warm?

You're right, but there comes a point, right about now in the winter, when some of us have Just. About. Had. It.  The winter breaking point.

Even seasonably cold weather in the 20s would be beautiful. Spring greenery would be nicer.  I spent half of this afternoon simultaneously watching temperatures plummet outside my window and drooling longingly over spring gardening catalogs.

For now, I, and a lot of you, can relate to this video. She should have lashed out harder, though. Watch and see what you think:

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