Monday, January 5, 2015

Video: Very Scary Landslides in Washington State

One of the homes knocked off its foundation
by todays landslides in Washington state.   
This morning at the tail end of my post about the nation's cold weather, I talked about the heavy rain, flooding and landslides in Washington State. 

I specifically mentioned the city of Hoquiam, which early this morning had six inches of rain and counting.

Here's the results. Watch this scary video of a landslide shoving a house off its foundation.

KIRO-TV also has more detail on that home that was destroyed. Other homes in Washington were damaged or destroyed in today's flooding and landslides.

The rain has tapered off in Hoquiam and surrounding areas, but the damage is done. Flooding continues, as does the threat of more landslides.

In this Hoquiam neighgorhood, I think the residents had been evacuated before this. At least I hope so:

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