Thursday, January 15, 2015

"Snow In Sligo!" Viral Video Rivals "Rainbow Man" In Weather Wonder

OMG! Snow on the Buddha in Sligo!!  
According to Boing Boing, we finally have a video that rivals "Rainbow Man" as most "Whoa Dude!!!"  reaction to weather.

You might remember "Rainbow Man" the awestruck guy - to put it mildly - reacting to a double rainbow in Yosemite.

That hilarious but oddly moving video from five years ago is closing in on 41 million hits.

Now we have the "Snowing In Sligo!" guy. In this video, the guy is holding a camera as he gets up one morning this week in Sligo, wherever the hell that is, and discovers there's a dusting of snow on the ground and it's still snowing.

There's even snow in the hands of the little Buddha in the garden!!!!

The snowing in Sligo guy is the most enthusiastic
about the weather since this guy, Paul Vasquez,
 who five years ago waxed poetic about a Yosemite rainbow 
The video is at the bottom of this post.

Actually, I looked it up. Sligo is in northwestern Ireland. So it's not too odd to see it snowing there. It happens pretty much every winter.

But I can't knock a guy for being enthusiastic about the weather. Although the roommate in the video who is trying to sleep doesn't seem so impressed.

You have to be patient with weather geeks like me and the legions of other weather geeks out there who get just a touch excited about rainbows and storms and snow. I'm sure my husband is tired of my minute-by-minute updates when severe weather looms.

But then again he seemed to like it last summer when I dragged him out of the house (During the middle of "Jeopardy!" of all things) to see some beautiful mammatus clouds glowing orange in the setting sun after a thunderstorm.

On the other hand, things can be taken too far. I remember years ago, when I lived in a dorm full of meteorology students at Lyndon State College in Vermont things did get a little excessive.

It was five a.m. on an October Saturday. We'd partied the night before. But one of the more enthusiastic students went to the met lab, as we called the meteorology center, to get an update on a cold storm approaching.
Life with a weather geek: I dragged my husband
outside during the middle of "Jeopardy" one day last
summer to view these mammatus clouds
over St. Albans, Vermont.  

So at 5 a.m. or so that Saturday morning,  we were all treated to this alarm clock when our guy came back from the met lab: "Ice pellets in Hartford, Connecticut! Can you believe it! Ice pellets in Hartford! Wake UP!! Ice pellets in HARTFORD!!!!!"

Our ice pellets in Hartford guy got hammered with different pellets right after that, but what are you gonna do?

Except for that one incident, I enjoy people who view weather as a wonder, as something fascinating, Be patient with us. Be like my husband and indulge us in a little cloud or storm watching, even if it really isn't your thing.

You don't have to turn into a weather geek, or particularly like weather.  But maybe the love of storms, of rainbows, of snow will grow on you. And life might just become a little better for you.

Like this guy, in the "Snow in Sligo!" viral video:

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