Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Frozen Chicago Drone Flight Almost Makes You Like Winter

Some people put a camera on a drone and flew it around frigid Chicago last week as a cold wave embraced the Windy City.  

A beautiful but frigid drone view of Chicago
from Soaring Badger Productions.  
The people who did it are from an outfit called Soaring Badger Productions. They said all the drone trips were done while temperatures were below 10 degrees.

The makers of the video changed the name of the city they were filming from "Chicago" to "Chiberia."

Everything held up rather well, except the batteries in the camera kept dying with 10 minutes or so because of the cold.

The drone fights went over the half frozen shores of Lake Michigan, snow covered industrial areas, parks with hardly any people in them because of the cold, and expressways with light traffic. Nobody seemed to want to go out in that.

I don't blame them, but it is a pretty view from up there in that drone. Stark and bone chilling, but pretty


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