Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ghosts Of Pacific Hurricane Blasted Canada, Carolinas, Maine, Malta, Sicily.....

A severe "Medicane" storm in the Mediteranean Sea
this week distantly had a bit of its origins
in a Pacific Ocean hurricane.  
During the third wee in October,  a hurricane named Ana threatened Hawaii.  Turns out it didn't actually make landfall there, but it did give them a scare, along with some high surf, gusty winds and some heavy rain.

Ana then fell apart, and its remnants moved across the Pacific Ocean. The Ana remnants combined with other weather systems to cause a nasty storm with wind gusts to hurricane force in British Columbia, Canada  around October 28.

That British Columbia storm, partly the remains of Ana, then combined with other weather systems to produce that epic storm in the eastern United States last weekend.

That's the one that caused the record early snowfall in the Carolinas, and then blasted northern Maine with up to 21 inches of early season snow.

The ghosts of Ana continue to haunt. Energy from the nor'easter that hammered the Carolinas and Maine went across the Atlantic Ocean, where it helped spin up a nasty storm in the Mediterranean Sea late this week.
A snowstorm in Bangor, Maine last weekend left this damage
A bit of the storm had its origins as a hurricane in the Pacific
Ocean. The nor'easter that brought this snow helped
contribute to a subsequent severe storm in the Mediterrannean.  

According to Dr. Jeff' Master's weather blog, the storm in the Mediterranean was dubbed a "medicane" because it acquired characteristics of a tropical storm or hurricane.

The "medicane" wasn't a true hurricane as it had a blend of elements of a tropical system and that of a regular storm system.

It was a nasty storm though, causing terrible flooding in Malta, and sustained winds on the island of 47 mph gusting to 66 mph. Other weather stations on Malta reported gusts of over 90 mph.

Still, it's amazing to see that the ghosts and traces of a hurricane near Hawaii subsequently helped lead to very troublesome storms in such disparate places as British Columbia, South Carolina, Maine, Malta, and at last report, Sicily.

I wonder if the ghosts of Ana will cause trouble anywhere else. Who knows? Maybe it'll be Hawaii's turn again.  I really, really strongly doubt that would happen, but wouldn't it be wild if it did?

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